I have promises to keep and places to go – and miles to go before I sleep. These words of a great poet keep echoing in our minds. Whenever we think of the Educational Conditions in Bihar- we drillout  an opinion of Negativity. However there are very few people who still are positive in their outlook-They still nurture the thought it is useless to curse the Darkness-It is better to light a candle.

We are a group of Intellectuals striving incessantly (day in and day out) to create imbibe & chisel out, Teachers of high Caliber, Values , Devotion , Profession & Vocational Concepts.

The Scratch has already become a line and with Time we will ensure that it will take the form of a ‘Mighty Oak’ in the National and International Arena in the field of Education, Run by Al-Rabia Memorial Educational & Welfare Trust –the seed of Mother’s International Teachers’ Training Academy was sown in 2014 – Affiliated to Magadh University (M.U.) and Recognized by NCTE, Bhubaneswar. We have been allotted an intake of 100 students every academic year(session).we have fared remarkably well in the past three sessions from the time of inception.


MITTA lying just 6 kms away from the heart of the city of Ashoka’s Patliputra, the hot bed of commercial activities of Bihar is a small but distinct township called Phulwarisharif . It is the place where “Mother’s International Teacher’s Training  Academy” (MITTA) is. It is the junction point between Patna and Khagaul (The name derived from Astronomy). The land is so fertile and the atmosphere so congenial that it compelled the first citizen of India to praise it from the depth of his heart. Moreover, a number of research institutes like WALMI and a unit of AIIMS and many other Educational Centres of learning are located within its vicinity attracting the attention of the government towards this holy land. MITTA is a boon to this pious land.

The Education we strive for

Education begins in the individual; it spreads in the family; it affect the society and enters intothe state then in to the nation and nations in the world- this is known as the culture of any nation. This is  what we call the process of developed or developing countries of the world that remains as  the backbone of healthy growth. It is here that human resources have to be chiseled out professionally & vocationally as facilitator and enablers. With this concept in our mind we have a motto as Education for Healthy Socialization. From the cradle to the grave Learning is essential every split of a second for the beauty of the society.

Aims & Objectives

Our aims & objectives are crystal clear. We intend to equip Teachers with more or less a strong Value System; Objectivity, a quest for knowledge and wisdom; use of technology  as far as Practicable; Learning as a process for life, Positivity (optimism) & flexibility to change as and when required according to changing Times; drill into them the concept of  Child Centred Education where the Teachers acts as a facilitator & enable rather than following the Dictatorial Attitude. The faculty Members of MITTA are highly capable of carrying out all the above mentioned concept. Our Infrastructure is built for the objectives to be carried out. We have one clear thought i.e. We ought to Remember that we have not inherited the planet- we have borrowed it from our children(The future citizens) Hence we should give our future citizens, we ought to give it in a better place to live him. The faculty knows the path to be built for the future citizens. We lead you follow.

1Name and Complete address of the institution :Mother’s International Teacher’s Training Academy
963,F.C.I. Road, Phulwari Sharif, Khagaul Highway,Patna-801505
2Name & Address of the Principal :Dr. Mumta Datta
3Year of establishment:2014
4ERC / NCTE / ERC APP1151 / B.Ed.(Revised Order)/31679 15/05/20152014
5Details of Course offeredB.Ed.
6Details of Approved intake100 B.Ed. student
7Details of Management :The College is managed & Run by :Al-Rabia Memorial Educational & Welfare Trust, the names of the managing committee and addresses are given below :
S.NoNameAddressDesignationTele. No
1Arshad Ahmad110-Patliputra Market, Sabzibagh,P.O.-Bankipore,P.S.- Pirbahore PATNA-800004Secretary0612-2555622

8.) Registered Office: F.C.I. Road, Phulwari Sharif, Khagaul Highway, Patna-801505