In this ‘Hype Age’ Scientific gadgets are taking over a number of functions of teachers right from the smart phone to smart classes down till Robotics have made the teacher nothing more than a ‘five and a half hour’ Torch bearer of student. INDIVIDUALISM has taken a backseat; SPEED and TIME is all that matters; ‘ETHICAL VALUES’ have become a matter of “LIP SERVICE” only; SPIRITUALISM is slowly but surely disintegrating. Teachers are becoming a SLAVE to machines. It is like ‘PRESS THE BUTTON’ and you’ve everything in front of you. The time to toil and search for knowledge on your own seems to be over. It is within this backdrop of condition in society I would like to express my opinion on the Concept of educational training at Mother’s International teacher’s Training Academy as I see it. Briefly I would like to state what we hold up as aspiration- A blend of Professional and Vocational Educational Training for Teachers. Creativity and Skill Oriented. Reflection of Individualism. Avoiding LIP SERVICE in any field of EDUCATION specially on SPIRITUALISM and ETHICAL VALUES.
SLAVERY and DEPENDENCY on scientific gadgets to be avoided as far as reasonable and practicable. Looking DEEPER and CLOSER to actual needs of the COMING GENERATION. The concept of EASIER GOT and EASIER LOST to be imbibed in the minds. Teachers are born or professionally trained into the ART and SKILL of teaching. Those born get the ART and TECHNICALITY faster than one’s who go for it professionally.

 It is at this juncture that the professionally trained teacher branch off to other lucrative jobs as and when the opportunity arises leaving young minds in the lurch. This schism in the system has to be dealt with. Last but not the least NEGATIVITY at all costs ought to be avoided e.g. a proverb in English goes like this- “Life is a bed of roses but it has thorns”– ( Negative) We say- “Life is a bed of roses for only those who can pick out the thorns” -(Positive). This is one of the major tasks of a well Trained and Nurtured Initiator and Facilitator i.e. the Teacher. We stand by all the major enlisted points in the functioning of MITTA. Determination, Dedication and Speedy Decision can bring about a radical change in Education. Hoping for the Best and Looking forward to your co-operation. Thanking one and all in the team for the bright future of MITTA.

Secretary / Director

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