With a genuinely deep concern for education in the backyards of Patna, we decided to open up to the need felt. This gave birth to Mother’s International Teachers Training Academy in the year 2014.This Standard Positive educational and training Institution has already given its services till date. From then till now, it has successfully catered to Trainee Teacher’s of Patna and the neighboring constituencies. It gives me an ‘Ecstatic Feeling’ when I see it flourishing so rapidly. From the core of my heart,I thank and appreciate the Services of Faculties and non-teaching staff under the direction and guidance of the Secretary Mr. Arshad Ahmad. The toil and the hard work by the teaching and non-teaching staff to break the shackles of negativity in education is commendable. My message to one and all in Mother’s International Teachers Training Academy is – ‘Let Laurels not make you Complacent, it ought to incite you to achieve higher aims in a world where Competition and Competence is the greatest credit’. In Education there is nothing like the beginning and nothing like the end-CONTINUITY, CONSISTENCY and CONSTANCY are the key words for Growth. My Sincerest thanks to one and all attached to MITTA.

Gulista Khatoon

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